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Back in February, my girlfriend, Amanda, and I decided to venture to C.W. Smith to look at engagement rings. Because she's so particular, Amanda knew that she wanted to have some say in her ring. We decided to go to CW Smith because both sets of our parents and many of our friends have had great success buying jewelry there. 

After an hour of trying on rings, we had narrowed it down to her favorite four. A few days after our visit, Amanda went to a job fair with a group of students and took special interest in the CW Smith booth. She found out that they were having a trunk show in May. Excited, she told me about it, thinking that maybe they would have special pricing on the rings she had picked out. Little did Amanda know, I had a plan of my own.

On Saturday, May 3rd, we were all set to head to the trunk show. As we were about to leave, I opened the trunk that sits at the foot of our bed and got down on one knee. I had signs inside the trunk that said, "Amanda's Trunk Show.” Lit up, right in the middle, was Amanda’s sparkling engagement ring. She was so surprised and said “yes.” We both love everything about the ring. The day, the ring, and whole experience could not have turned out more perfectly. 

Matt & Amanda

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Over 15 years ago my then Boyfriend took me to a “house” in North Fond du Lac. Since I’m not from Fond du Lac, I was not familiar with local businesses. After we parked he looked at me and asked me to marry him. I said yes! He said we are here at C.W. Smith to pick out your ring. With much excitement we went to the door, pulled, and found it to be locked. We looked at the hours and saw they were closed Monday mornings….oops!!! : ) so…we did a repeat Tuesday morning and chose a shiny pretty ring. Now 15 years later my Husband brought me back to C.W. Smith and we picked out a beautiful new wedding ring. He wanted me to have a bigger diamond and band and had felt bad that we had went small since we were buying a new house and came from meager beginnings. I have no regrets in my first ring and am grateful for the new one. In the same note….I have no regrets to marrying my Husband and am grateful to have him in my life….as well as looking forward to another 15 plus years. Thank you C.W. Smith for many years of service so we could return and share a great story with our 2 Children.

Jennifer McDermott

Adam proposed at halftime during the greatest Packer game of the season! I couldn't believe my eyes when during a conversation he pulled out the diamond ring I've always dreamed of and asked me to marry him! This was a moment I continue to think about and will never forget!

I know Adam was so pleased with his experience at C.W. Smith Jewelers when he went to pick out the engagement ring. I had to check out this business myself; I had the opportunity to do so when I went to pick out wedding bands. I couldn't be happier with the quality, friendly, and expert service. The ring is beautiful!

Katie and Adam


James' proposal to Ashley, captured in pictures by a friend! Click here to see these fantastic pictures! (Thank you James and Ashley for sharing your special moment with us!)

Dear C. W. Smith,
Thank you so much for the beautiful work enhancing my wedding ring with the anniversary band. It's beautiful, the quality is top-notch. You hit it out of the park! :-)

Amy Jarvis

(From Facebook)

Miranda Jo wants to give a big thank you to Mark Vrakas and his team at C.W. Smith Jewelers for their assistance to John in getting this beautiful sparkle on my finger. Great store to go to and a great team to work with! :)

Ronda and Mark,
Well, as I had "planned", it was a beautiful autumn day here in Madison on Tuesday afternoon. What made it even better was the look in Jenn's eyes when I asked her to marry me (she said yes) as well as the happy news we got to share with family and friends later that night.

The ring is gorgeous (duh) and is exactly what Jenn was thinking of. So again, a huge thank you for helping me pick out such a beautiful ring and diamond. It was a tad big so she is getting it re-sized here in Madison from a friend that is a jeweler here in town.

Here's a great story that should put a smile on your faces:

Jenn's friend started to examine the diamond so she could note an imperfection to show Jenn at that time and when she got her ring back to prove the diamond was not swapped, etc. It took a rather long time at which point Jenn asked, "Are you trying to find imperfections to show me why we should have bought a diamond from you instead?" And her friend replied with, "No, I'm looking at this diamond and I cannot find any great distinction of an inclusion," and then asked where she got the diamond from! I was very proud of that story and thought you should be too.

Again, thank you and to all the staff for being so courteous and patient with me through this process. We are excited about our new life and everything that goes along with it. I will get in contact with you when we find some time to look at wedding bands. Thanks again. Talk to you soon.


Thank you for helping me with my engagement ring. Nicole loves it.

We went on vacation to San Francisco beginning of August. I asked her to marry me while we were watching the sunset over the goldengate bridge while waiting for our dinner reservations. I still dont think she has actually said yes, there was alot of crying involved.

The ring fits perfectly and she is actually amazed with how much thought went into the design of this ring.

She likes the "No Prong" design, how much the diamond almost glows in the light, and the way the ring is weighted at the bottom to prevent it from spinning.

Were getting married on July 3rd, so we will be up to visit and pick out wedding bands.

Again thank you, you really made the process easier for a guy who had no idea what to do.

Jon O.


I do not know what other words to choose in responding to the customer service I received last week for Melissa's ring. What your store did to help us out of a jam was nothing less than amazing. Your store pulled off the impossible, I believe, and the whole process seemed flawless. Melissa's ring looks (as it always has) flawless!

Thanks for letting me know there are still businesses out there that care about the customer after the sale. I will tell everyone about CW Smith Jewelers and the experience I have had!

Thanks again!

Robert E.

Dear Friends,
C.W. Smith Jewelers has been our jewelry store of choice for many years now. Most recently my son, Ben, purchased a diamond engagement ring from you for his fiancé. Your store will continue to be our favored place for all our jewelry needs.

Thanks again!

Rueben R.

Hi Ronda!
I just wanted to say "thank you!" for all your help with my engagement ring. I can’t wait until it comes in. I appreciate the time you took with me on Thursday.

I’m so glad I bought my ring at a place where you know the customer service is definitely above and beyond.

Thanks again!

Jennifer N.

Thank you for doing what you did. You went the extra mile to ensure I got the ring. That meant a lot to me and my future wife. My business will always be with you because of this. You are a stand-up person.

Thanks again, Mark!

Jay S.

Dear Mark,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the engagement and wedding rings that you helped me purchase. I am extremely confident that you have provided me with the best quality diamonds and settings.

What is even more impressive is the quality of the service you provided during my "diamond experience," as I live outside of Wisconsin. I would recommend your products and services to anyone searching for that very special diamond for the person they love.

As we approach our wedding day, I smile whenever I see Jen admiring her engagement ring. Thank you for playing a very important role in this very special time in our lives.

John C.






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