Lab Certificates

We use lab certificates, but we never rely solely on any lab's certificate. Our personal inspection of each and every diamond is critical. Many diamonds in the marketplace have "certificates" that are vastly overgraded (click here to see two examples), and a diamond's cut can never be seen from a certificate.

Internet sites simply post lists of diamonds from multiple vendors. The selection looks huge, but the site doesn’t own the diamonds, has never inspected any of them, and is recommending them to you based solely on their vendor's opinion and/or a lab description. They also classify some diamonds as “premium,” “ideal,” or “signature” cuts (and charge higher prices for them) without ever viewing the diamond in person to evaluate its fire and scintillation.

Only the finest, accurately graded diamonds make it into our showcases. We will show you each diamond, educate you on why it's graded the way it is and show it to you under the microscope. We want you to understand exactly what you're buying. If the diamond has a lab certificate, it becomes another part of your education, but never the sole reason to buy the diamond.

Click here to learn more about the myths and facts of lab grading certificates.


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